Experience Mauritius by car safely !

Here some useful information to discover the island serenely.

Left hand side driving
Driving is on the left with right hand side drive vehicles. Priority is given to vehicles coming from the right.
Speed limits
The speed limit on the motorway way is 80 km/hr and 110 km/hr. Speed is limited to 60km/hr on secondary roads & to 40km/hr in most residential area.
Speed cameras, both fixed and mobile, are prevalent. Whether you are driving in town or on the motorway, please be aware of the speed signs.
Seat belts
You must wear a seat belt whether you are in the front or rear of the car. Fines may be imposed for non-compliance.
Children under 10 years old must not sit in the front of a car.
Young kids should be seated in car seats
Mobile phone
The use of mobile phone with or without a handsfree kit whilst driving is prohibited. You will be fined if caught.
Driving and alcohol
The legal limit is 50mg per 100ml of blood This means that one drink can be enough to take you over the limit.
You may be controlled by the Police anytime.
Peak time during weekdays: 7h30 to 9h30 and 16h00 to 18h30.
It is recommended to avoid entering & exiting Port Louis during those hours.
Filling station
Petrol stations are generally opened from 6h00 to 20h00 (Monday to Sunday). The ones near shopping malls may even open till 23h00. They all provide diesel & unleaded fuel.
Parking regulations
Don't park on double yellow lines anywhere - it's a sure way to get clamped or fined.
In most towns, parkings are not free. You can purchase parking tickets in filling stations

There are two types of parking tickets :
- Blue : 20 rupees
- Green : 10 rupees

The colour & type of tickets to be used will depend on the parking zone. Watch out for the Time Parking Zones found in many of the towns, you might get towed or fined clamped if you overstay the time.