What is DriveOnline ?

DriveOnline is a platform connecting you with car rental professionals in Mauritius as well as Rodrigues

How to book a Vehicle ?

Register yourself on the website and follow the steps. It is easy to use !

• Select the dates on which you would like to rent a vehicle

• Select the type of vehicle and the mode of transmission (automatic or manual)

• Select where you want to rent a car (Mauritius or Rodrigues)

• Select the additional options (Baby car seat, GPS, Fuel etc.)

• Select the drop-off and pick up location

After checking out, you will receive a "request for booking" email to confirm that we have well received your request.

*NB: Your booking will be confirmed only once payment has been received.

Is there a minimum number of days to rent a vehicle ?

Yes, the minimum is two days with no maximum limit !

How to make payment ?

If booking is made more than Ten (10) days in advance, then the full payment should reach DriveOnline in Seven (7) days from booking (including weekends) by way of bank transfer into its bank account. If no payment is received, the booking will be deemed as cancelled.

In the case that a booking is made less than Ten (10) days in advance, it is considered as an “Emergency booking”, the payment has to be made within Five (5) hours following the booking either by bank transfer/bank deposit to DriveOnline's bank account or by cash at DriveOnline's office. If no payment is received, the booking will be deemed as cancelled.

*Please note that only the payment of the car rental is requested at this stage. The deposit should be paid directly to the car owner upon delivery of the car (by Cash or credit card)

What the « deposit » is for ?

Deposit is retained as a guarantee use in case of excess charges in the event of damages during the rental of the vehicle. The amount of the deposit varies according to the vehicle category and the insurance company.

The deposit is refunded at the end of the rental, after deduction of all due charges in case of damages of the vehicle.

How to cancel a booking ?

A booking cannot be changed after « checkout ».

For cancellation :

- login in your DriveOnline account

- go to « view booking »

- go to live & upcoming booking

- proceed to cancellation

Note that a penalty fee representing two days rental will be applicable.

How to extend the rental period ?

To extend the period of location, a new booking should be done through our website

We cannot unfortunately guarantee that the same vehicle will be available.

How to make an early return ?

A request should be made by email ([email protected])

Please note that a penalty fee of two days rental will be retained

Is there a time limit to return a vehicle ?

No time limit. You should contact the rental car provider to arrange for the pick-up of the car.

How to proceed if my flight is delayed ?

Such event is unfortunately beyond your control.

If possible, contact the rental car provider via his email or his WhatApps account. His contact has been sent to you at the same time than your «Booking confirmation».

*NB: In case "no show", 24hr following the scheduled delivery time, requests for refund are not accepted

Is there any additional charges for the drop-off and pick up of the vehicles ?

Yes and no. It depends on the region where the drop-off /pick-up is organised. These details are available during online booking.

Is the vehicle supplied with fuel ?

The vehicle is delivered with only a minimum of fuel. You are liable for the cost of fuel from the time of delivery.

However, while doing your booking, if you select the option "fuel", the vehicle will be supplied with about a half of tank.

For additional information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions available on our website

What to do in case of accident ?

Please contact the car rental company immediately. The contact details are provided while doing your booking and during the drop-off of the vehicle

For additional information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions available on our website

How to drive in Mauritius ?

Please refer to « Driving Tips » section in the website